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Monday, October 24, 2011

Vid60 How to Build a Volcano Washer Wet Cell


  1. I do know that this thread is a few months old, but I also have found that your general principal is to help others and I appreciate that; because I do require some of that :)

    I haven't seen any activity in your blog for some time and I do hope all is well, though if you have time to answer some basic questions I would be much obliged.

  2. I thought it might help others if I copied your shopping list here:-
    All metalic products should be stainless steel:-
    3 Quick Connects + cable
    10 x 1.25 inch washers
    8 x 1 inch washers
    8 nylon washers (about 1 inch diameter)
    3 inch nylon bolt and nut
    shrink tubing
    several Quick Disconnects

    I'm hoping to build one to enhance a small outboard motor on a narrow boat (barge) here in England. I'd also like to see if I could use the output to help keep a pot on the boil (for making tea, obviously!)

    Thanks for your blog.

  3. Actually, I'm back again, just a few hours later ... I'm having trouble locating washers in the sizes you suggest. In part, because unlike the USA, the rest of the world is metric and specifies washer sizes as a unit "M". And in part because I can not fathom what you mean by a 3 inch washer. Unless you have the most gigantic hands, there is no way those large washers you are handling have a 3 inch diameter, is there? Oh! how I wish I could mosey down to a branch of Lowe's (or even Home Depot) and casually rifle through the drawers with an inch rule. Here in the UK you face grim staff behind a counter, who want you to only quote catalogue numbers that correspond with Le Système international d'unités (SI Units):-

    Maybe I'll end up making a micro-Volcano with M10 washers!